Leading people is tough. But, you don’t have to be tough to lead.

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A mix of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Neuroleadership to give leaders ‘THE EDGE’ they need to lead and thrive.



Eight out of ten employees say they value emotional intelligence for developing their careers.

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Developing leaders into great leaders is a complex task for organisations and HR departments.

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It’s extremely challenging for organisations or HR departments to support their leadership when they can’t find the right program or pinpoint why a previous training failed to deliver.

Their leadership doesn’t feel supported to do their best work and often struggle with social and self-awareness issues.

It flows down to other parts of the company, affecting interpersonal relationships, achievements and motivation.

Today’s organisations need empathetic and emotionally aware leaders. Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ) is that intangible ‘something’ that makes a leader inspirational and worthy of following.

Neuroleadership and EI for better leadership

At EQ Academy, we combine Neuroleadership and Emotional Intelligence to create coaching, training, workshops and courses for your leaders.

It’s about understanding the brain and using science-based methods to rewire it and create new ways of working and thinking. EI programs can help boost job performance by 12 per cent.

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How Emotional Intelligence (EI) benefits your organisation

Having EQ programs in place can help you attract a better calibre of employees aligned with your company’s values.

It helps leaders:

  • Set and achieve goals by overcoming internal blocks
  • Experience high job satisfaction
  • More self confidence in tackling new or unexpected challenges
  • resolve conflict for win-win outcomes

It helps companies:

  • Predict future job performance
  • Hire the right people for leadership positions
  • Create a motivated workplace leading to a Profitable bottom line

EQ Academy’s
Founder & CEO

Ush Dhanak is one of Australia’s leading experts on emotional intelligence, an EQ coach and trainer and a popular keynote speaker at events around the world. She’s the founder and CEO of EQ Academy. Ush’s point of difference is using Neuroleadership and EQ to help leaders uncover their true potential. It’s about understanding the brain and using science-based methods to rewire it and create new ways of working and thinking.

Born in the UK, Ush is a lawyer and barrister by trade. After moving to Sydney 16 years ago, she worked as a lawyer for top-tier law firms, and then moved into Head of HR roles. Around this time, Ush developed a keen interest in emotional intelligence, and began studying and reading about its impact. She studied it at a time when no one was really talking about it. So, Ush decided to pursue it as a career, and saw fantastic results in the people she coached. Today, Ush coaches leaders and runs workshops for organisations that recognise the value of offering emotional intelligence training to their people.

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