Leading people is tough. But, you don’t have to be tough to lead.

People expect
A Lot from

They expect you to perform at a high level all the time, know the answers in difficult times, lead with strength yet compassion, hear and value your employees and work well with all types of stakeholders.

And, the organisation you work for expects you to lead with the bottom line in mind.

It’s a tough ask. No wonder you feel stressed and overwhelmed – your career is depending on it.


Questions to ask yourself

  • Am I in a senior leadership position, and second-guessing your every move?
  • Have I hit a leadership plateau, and wonder if this is the end of your career?
  • Is the little voice in my head making you feel less confident about your leadership skills?
  • Is a fear of failure or rejection stopping you from becoming the leader you know you could be?
  • Do you have technical skills but are missing leadership skills?

Who is this program for?

The EQ Coaching program is for Leaders or Entrepreneurs wanting to add emotional intelligence skills to their core competencies.

The key areas that you will work on are:

Idealised Influence

Walking your talk as an exemplary role model for your people.

Inspirational Motivation

Clearly expressing your visionary ideas in simple language to inspire audiences.

Individualised Consideration

Garnering skills to express how you genuinely care about others and helping them self-actualise.

Intellectual Stimulation

Showcasing your creativity and pioneering, while challenging others to transform the status quo.

Elevate your leadership skills with customised EQ coaching

Our 1 x 1 coaching program is designed for senior leadership. Participants receive personalised coaching from Ush Dhanak, one of Australia’s leading EQ coaches and experts.

The focus of the coaching program is on developing emotional intelligence competencies so that you become a stronger and more empathetic leader.

We’ll create a roadmap of where you are, and where you’d like to be. Coaching outcomes link to your business strategy, so that everything aligns.

The program helps you identify weaknesses in behavioural self-control, self-awareness and develop emotional intelligence skills to address these areas.

At the end of the coaching, you’ll:

  • become more aware of how your and others’ emotions affect your decision making
  • manage your emotions, and achieve better physical and mental health
  • become resilient under stressful conditions
  • develop stronger relationships with co-workers and peers
  • learn to lead with empathy and compassion
  • apply creative thinking to problems

Key benefits for participants

Become a Better Negotiator

Learn how to accommodate different perspectives and create win-win outcomes

Stress Management

Learn how to work well under stress and perform in your job

Build Stronger Relationships

Lean how to connect with all types of stakeholders

Improved Mental Wellbeing

Learn to manage your emotions so they don’t affect your health

Emotionally Intelligent

Use empathy and compassion to lead others in the workplace

Overcome Internal Blocks

Increase self-confidence by overcoming internal barriers like fear of failure and rejection

Expected Outcomes

  • Learn how to listen to different perspectives and come up with win-win outcomes
  • Learn how to manage your and others’ emotions to make better decisions
  • Develop good communications skills through active listening
  • Become self-aware and know where your strengths and weaknesses lie
  • Learn how to motivate yourself and others to increase job performance
  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Learn how to work well under stressful conditions and respond appropriately
  • Improved social awareness
  • Build better relationships with your team members, colleagues and peers
  • Have a clear idea of where you are in your leadership journey and how to get to your destination
  • Learn how to set and achieve goals by overcoming internal barriers

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