Leading people is tough. But, you don’t have to be tough to lead.

Sought after keynote speaker, EQ trainer and coach.

Ush is a much sought after keynote speaker, EQ trainer and coach. She frequently speaks and presents on Emotional Intelligence for corporate team building events, industry health associations, HR events and entrepreneurs in Australia and overseas.
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Why EQ is the X Factor

How removing your paradigms will increase productivity

Turning your inner critic into an inner coach

Managing conflict using EQ

Making fear your friend

How increased EQ will lead to greater engagement and profit

Resilience – It’s not what you think it is

EQ for sales teams

Leading and Communicating with EQ

EQ for Kids

“Walking your talk as an exemplary role model for your people.”

Why book Ush for your next event?

Ush Dhanak is Australia’s leading expert on Emotional Intelligence and its impact in the workplace.

Her personal results with implementing EI, and professional experiences as a trained lawyer, barrister, Head of HR for various corporations in Sydney and London give her a unique lens.

She helps organisations harness the power of Emotional Intelligence for happier, productive and successful employees. She uses a unique approach combining EQ and Neuroleadership to get people thinking about how their emotions are shaping their reality, and how to manage their and others’ emotions for better results.

Ush is an engaging and inspiring speaker with real-world experience, knowledge and practical insights on Emotional Intelligence. She’s often quoted in the media as an EQ practitioner and expert.

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