How to have tough conversations?

It’s never comfortable to be on either side of a difficult conversation. However, being able to have a tough talk or deliver unwelcome news – telling someone they’re not getting that raise, intervening when a direct report’s behavior is off base, reviewing the...

How to work with people you don’t like.

5 tips to flip your perspective and improve the relationship The first and most important step in working effectively with everyone is a mindset shift – a shift to apatheia. Apatheia, not to be confused with apathy, is a state of being where you care appropriately...

Fears You’ll Need to Overcome to Be an Effective Leader

The fear of speaking as an authority It’s natural to feel a little fear before speaking to a group as an authority in your field, whether it’s to your team or to a potential client. But don’t let this fear trip you up! Relax before you go on stage by preparing as much...

Two facets of emotional intelligence. How to help your team fight perfectionism!

Perfectionism can cripple teams. Emotionally intelligent leaders can use curiosity, persistence, collaboration, and empathy to help people stay agile and keep improving Aspiring to achieve lofty goals is healthy, as long as it doesn’t become crippling. There is a...

Seven things leaders with emotional intelligence never do.

High EQ leaders don't lose their cool. They don't swallow emotions. Learn about the behaviors to avoid as you build emotional intelligence.   Leaders with high EQ do not: Lose their cool: They won’t lose their temper and lash out at their team during meetings....

10 Aspects Of Emotional Intelligence That Improve Workplace Relationships

Rather than dislike of the job or the salary, a bad relationship with the boss is most likely to result in employees quitting. This has been confirmed in global Gallup workplace studies that found that the calibre of the boss was the primary reason for people staying...

Is Your Small Business A Prime Candidate For Outsourced HR?

Does your small business still manage all the HR in-house? It’s not uncommon for Australian small business owners to look after many of the HR functions like recruitment, orientation, conflict resolution, policies and procedures, payroll, and training themselves – or...

Signs That You Need To Work On Emotional Intelligence

Do you know someone who frequently interrupts others and always seems pre-occupied with their own self-interests? Or maybe you reluctantly recognise these characteristics in yourself? If so, you may have discovered one of the main reasons why you are not achieving the...

Tips For Improving Your Communication Skills In The Workplace According to workplace coaching, communication is one of the most important issues in the workplace. Good communication helps everyone to feel heard and understood, and as a result, everyone benefits from a...

Ush Dhanak is one of Australia’s leading keynote speakers and experts on emotional intelligence with unique insights. Book Ush for your next event

Ush is a much sought after keynote speaker, EQ trainer and coach. She frequently speaks and presents on Emotional Intelligence for corporate team building events, industry health associations, HR events and entrepreneurs in Australia and overseas.

Keynote topics and areas of expertise include


Why EQ is the X Factor


Turning your inner critic into an inner coach


Making fear your friend


Resilience – It’s not what you think it is


Leading and Communicating with EQ


How removing your paradigms will increase productivity


Managing conflict using EQ


How increased EQ will lead to greater engagement and profit


EQ for sales teams


EQ for Kids

Why book Ush for your next event?

Ush Dhanak is Australia’s leading expert on Emotional Intelligence and its impact in the workplace.

She helps organisations harness the power of Emotional Intelligence for happier, productive and successful employees. She uses a unique approach combining EQ and Neuroleadership to get people thinking about how their emotions are shaping their reality, and how to manage their and others’ emotions for better results.

Her personal results with implementing EI, and professional experiences as a trained lawyer, barrister, Head of HR for various corporations in Sydney and London give her a unique lens.

Ush is an engaging and inspiring speaker with real-world experience, knowledge and practical insights on Emotional Intelligence. She’s often quoted in the media as an EQ practitioner and expert.

Ush Dhanak, CEO of EQ Academy has presented key notes for;