Leading people is tough. But, you don’t have to be tough to lead.

You do not agree that emotions are important to lead people in business

As a leader if you are overlooking emotions of oneself and others, it is the biggest mistake you will make that will bleed your business to the ground.

As mentioned earlier, humans are at the core of society. Even though there are such advanced technologies, we only want to make connections. Ideally, we want to be as expressive as possible on these technological mediums too. For example, in text messaging we started from ‘ : )’ simple signs. These were then developed into emoticons. Then came even more expressive emoticons. With every minute detail update, we are more excited because we can now be even more expressive on technology. 

These expressions are vital in establishing solid communication throughout the team.

Oftentimes, to appear confident and stringent in business, one might not show their emotions. They might consider it as a sign of weakness. But in reality, the real strength lies in the ability to express and share your emotions in a cordial manner. If one is not able to recognize or acknowledge their own emotions, or let go of negative emotions, they might have low EQ. 

A leader with this mentality is equivalent to a ticking bomb for the business. Because this particular leader would discard their own emotions, their team’s emotions, the client’s feelings, and act in a way that might be offensive or rude to many. Such a place will be difficult to work in for anyone. 

Having a higher EQ and addressing emotions in business also helps in making decisive decisions.

This is because a leader with high EQ is conscious about their feelings, intention, and values. They will be better able to align personal and professional goals. 

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